3. Sweet Dee appreciation post, part 1

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  4. Help please?


    Does anyone out there have any tips about good ambient music? You know, stuff that you want to listen to at 4am in the morning while having some form of existential crisis. You know, basic stuff. No biggie.

    I hit enter before I finished answering, so as well as Thomas Koner and Eric Holm, I second any suggestions for Sigur Ros or Rezor’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. Something else that I really love listening to when I’m in the 4am mood and want something upbeat is Telefon Tel Aviv.


  5. takashi0:





    dont be cis

    whoops sorry I actually like being a girl.

    its ok to be cis if youre a girl

    ???????????? What

    This is it.

    This is tumblr’s mindset summed up in one post.

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  6. Scarlett Johansson

    If the early reviews of Lucy are anything to go by, Scarlett Johansson has proven herself to be one of the most discerning actresses around, and as far as I’m concerned, she can do no wrong.


  7. Under The Skin (and an afterthought on Snowpiercer)

    The idea that people watch this movie just to see Scarlett Johansson nude and then complain about it being a shitty movie because it’s not Species actually disgust me.

    Under The Skin is probably the most mesmerising film I’ve seen since Mulholland Drive. Everything about it is cinema at its finest. The score. Johansson’s performance. The cinematography. A story told without words. If there is one movie you see this year, Under The Skin should be it.

    And on Snowpiercer. It’s been three days since I watched it and I still cannot come to a conclusion about whether it’s a good movie or a bad movie that aspired to greatness. Either way it’s entertaining, and worth a watch just to be a part of the critical discussion, but I don’t know how long it will take me to decide how I feel about it.


  8. send me a band name and i'll do...

    1. favourite song:
    2. least favourite song:
    3. have i ever seen them live:
    4. favourite band member:
    5. least favourite band member:
    6. how many of their albums i have:
    7. favourite album:
    8. favorite lyrics:
    9. favorite music video:
    10. ever met any members:
  9. I’ve basically had Mute Departure by Cult of Luna on repeat for about 40 hours now.

  10. Jenji Kohan needs to create a spin-off called Australia is the New Ireland.

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  11. Just watched Enemy.

    Holy sweet mother of fuck. I don’t think I blinked for its whole 90 minutes. I think it’s one of the most visually impressive films I’ve ever seen, similar to Villeneuve’s Prisoners but with a touch of Wes Anderson thrown in. I’m not sure about eligibility rules, but if it is eligible, Enemy deserves at least a nomination for best cinematography.

    The ending is probably borderline too-inexplicable at first, and it’s almost cartoonish because of this, but it definitely is part of a puzzle that’s going to require many more viewings to put together. All Hollywood needs to take notice of this movie: this is how you craft a thriller. 


  12. raptorific:

    Shakespeare would seriously laugh so hard if he found out how seriously people take his works. Like, he would probably cry from laughing so hard if you told him that his plays were considered high-brow literature. “It’s all dick jokes and sword fights,” he’d say, “do they seriously tell my dick jokes to schoolchildren? And the kids aren’t allowed to laugh? Do the teachers know they’re telling dick jokes? Oh my god that’s fucking hilarious. Wait until I tell Anne.”

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  13. I’m typing up notes for my Constitutional Law exam next week and I’m on the topic of the power to legislate on external affairs with relation to treaty obligations.

    I wrote ‘obligaytions’ instead of ‘obligations’ which is about the only way to make Constitutional Law fabulous.

  14. Today’s purchases. Pretty happy.


  15. Listening to Cult of Luna’s Somewhere Along the Highway

    at 1am while I write chapter of a novel about male loneliness is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.